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in the midst......

in the midst of trying to knock out this ridiculous paper (subject is great but i can't really devote the time i need to flush it out cuz off all the other crap i gotta do)......i find myself remembering why i love what i do! i think i've found a dissertation topic in this character i keep running across in all my source material named Thorkel the Tall(aka Thorkel the High).....he's a Jomsviking that helped conquer England in the eleventh century....I'm absolutely loving the fact that I can trace him through my source material and reconstruct his world.....better yet--no one that i know of has exclusively focused on this dude! not sure exactly what i want to do with him yet.....but it's amazing how he's present in all of my source stuff! All of the books I gathered writing my thesis, books that I only kinda used are now getting pulled out and there he is--Thorkel, staring back at me in the sources! Kinda like I was meant to find him!

it's nice motivation....sometimes i get so buried in crap for class that I forget my passion for my subject! I love my specialization! I love studying about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons! This guy has a fascinating story that has largely been marginalized and I want to tell it......demonstrate how dynamic this period is.....show how interesting these Vikings were...how complex there interactions were.........

anywho....enough of my dorky rant!

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