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Work starts.....

OMG!! I'm kinda freaking out....my big girl job starts tomorrow and I"m only partially prepared....My schedule has changed once again and now I'm teaching two World History classes....which is fine except I don't have the book to look at so I can plan my syllabus and course overview.....BLAR!!! So basically my first class tomorrow (at 8 am) will mostly consist of me telling them about policies and procedures and then sending them out cuz I have no idea what my first lecture is gonna be....ugh!!! Luckily I'm pretty set for the other classes I will have....I'm gonna be running around like crazy during my first office hour.....getting parking permit, finding my office.....dealing with contracts and benefit stuff...Kinda has me freaking!

Anywho.....the St. Augustine vacation was amazing....we had so much fun! I absolutely loved sight seeing with Eric...we have alot of the same tastes in things we want to see....We went to this AMAZING museum in downtown St. Augustine called the Lightener Museum...basically it was just a random collection of stuff from the 19th century in an awesome old hotel!! In one of the rooms was this old lady who played all of the old music boxes for us....she was awesome!!! I can't even begin to explain how fun it was.....anywho....no more fun...now to work!!! God help me!

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