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and now it gets real.....

well this semester is the beginning of the end for me.....atleast in terms of actual school work....by the end of this semester i will have taken (and hopefully passed *crossed fingers and toes*) my minor field exams and have begun reading the thousands of pages for my major field exams to be taken in the fall..... after my majors are finished i will be able to get a real job teaching somewhere......i'll start sending out resumes and such next fall.....looking around for what's out there.......blar.......totally stressed about finding a job in this economy.....and to top it all off what about me and eric?? we do almost exactly the same sort of history.....doubtful that we will be at the same university.....or possibly even in the same state........

i really can't think about that right now though....i just gotta focus on what's in front of me........get through with my coursework so i can take my minor field exams in April......then read like a maniac for majors in the fall........i wish i could just stop the year in july.....i'm so afraid of these exams and what they will mean for my future......where will i end up???

blah blah blah.......

thanksgiving plans.....

well it should be an interesting thanksgiving holiday.....i'll be spending turkey day with eric's family! not that big of a deal in that i've met his parents and grandparents numerous times....had dinner over at Granny's house several times.....so that won't really be new! of course i can't possibly be happy with just going with the flow, so i've taken on the task of actually bringing the sweet potato casserole!!! ECK!!! what is it about holiday's at "in-laws" that makes a girl, who is just as happy not cooking, need desperately to prove her culinary skills by bringing some sorta offering??! I'm sure Stacie will love to comment on that ridiculous paradigm......

So I'm a bit nervous about cooking for everyone.....I originally offered to bring a pie, but Eric informed me that pies were loaded territory so I had him call Granny and offer my services for the sweet potato casserole! I've helped Rita make it loads of times, but I've never actually made it by myself without her supervision! At least if I screwed up the pie there would be others for people to eat......now that I'm bringing a main course, so to speak, I'm kinda nervous about screwing it up!!!! Eric is known in his family for being an extremely good cook, a fact that makes me super happy since I'm very willing to let him be the chef, but it also kinda sets the bar high for me!!! Eric's Granny is like a super-chef...and while she really likes me I have a feeling I will go further in her estimation if I bring a wonderful dish to the proverbial family table!!!

in other news.......my new car is amazing....although i'm kinda sad that i'm already putting so many miles on it with my trips to baton rouge....oh well! it is pretty and clean and will remain so!!!!


well i'm waiting for my jeans to dry so i can start packing for my trip tomorrow to ireland....i'm trying not to think about it too much--for fear of stressing myself out even more than i already am....i've been pretty on edge all day....even gave myself a bit of stress induced heartburn.....ick! i think i've managed to calm myself down a bit.....hopefully packing clothes won't trigger another snap of stress....i think i'm just overwhelmed with everything.....it wasn't this big of a deal when i went to canada a couple years ago.....this is a whole other country--ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE OCEAN!!! eric is putting up with my dithering pretty well....it's been particularly rough since i dropped tripp off at mike and rebecca's while i'm away.....i miss having him with me.....Eric reminded me that Tripp needs to socialize too! I'm such a dork...

anywho....the timer just went off for my jeans....time to get packing!!!

Found this and Thought It'd be fun...

10 years ago: Ten years ago, it was 2000. Take this survey, post the results, and see how many things have changed since then.

1) How old were you?

THEN: 17

NOW: ugh......27

2) Where did you go to school?

THEN: Hoover High School


3) Where did you work?

THEN: didn't have too....

NOW: another ugh....Cat's Meow on Bourbon St! And some times as an Adjunct Faculty member at Nunez Community College

4) Where did you live?

THEN: Birmingham, Al

NOW: New Orleans, La

5) How was your hairstyle?

THEN: short....kinda butch

NOW: shoulder length, curly or straight

6) Did you wear braces?

THEN: nope they were off by then

NOW: Nope

7) Did you wear contacts?

THEN: Nope but I needed glasses

NOW: I wish I could

8) Did you wear glasses?

THEN: nope...
NOW: yes...but only for driving and watching movies...otherwise i have perfect vision

9) Who was your best friend?

THEN: Stacie, Pam, Liz, Sarah Labriola, Sara Coles......

NOW: Teresa, Rita, Cinnamon.....and Eric

10) Which of your pets were still alive?

THEN: Mom was still grieving for Duke

NOW: TRIPP...the best dog EVA

11) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?

THEN: Nobody

NOW: Awww my hunny....Eric

12) Who was your celebrity crush?

THEN:I have no idea!

NOW: Alexander Skarsgard or the hot werewolf dude!

13) Who was your regular-person crush?

THEN: Ummmmm....Cole or Muffin
NOW: Eric!

14) How many piercing did you have?

THEN: ears

NOW: ears

15) How many tattoos did you have?

THEN: None.

NOW: None...ouch!!

16) What was your favorite band/singer?

THEN: I remember really liking Enya that year...

NOW: Kate Nash, Adele, Duffy.....

17) Had you smoked cigarettes?

THEN: Nope...my grandparents smoked so i got over that whole wanting to smoke deal at a young age

NOW: Still nope

18) Had you gotten drunk?

THEN: tipsy on some of my mom's drinks


19) Had you DRIVEN?

THEN: definitely

NOW: every day

20) If so which car?

THEN: 1991 Chevrolet Lumina (hahah this answer didn't change!!!)

NOW: 2002 Pontiac Grand Am (sadly neither did this one)

21) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2010?

Wow...I never really thought I would ever get to this point.....I mean I always hoped to get my PhD but it seemed so out there and difficult that I'd never be able to achieve it. Now it's all a reality and I'm thinking of getting a real job! Scary....


nothing too unusual.......stressing about school and money......need a new job.....a new car........blah!


i'm sooooo over cat's already! i've had a couple of good interviews for other jobs but nothing has come through quite yet.....so i'm basically in a holding pattern until something shakes loose with a new job! blar.....

school is going pretty ok...i've had a few issues that have cropped up with Dr. Dietz.......I'm just not meshing with her very well.....i don't know what else to do with her.....Eric keeps telling me that she just doesn't know me as well as she knows him.....but i really don't think that is totally valid.....i'm kinda at my wits end with that......at this point i'm going to just live around her.....do whatever i can to get my career off the ground without her involvement......

i've been kinda sicky today.....got home after another interview/some errands and spent most of the day passed out on the couch sleeping.....i'm fighting some sort of cold....of course sleeping has me behind in my reading....oh well....i guess getting better is the best course of action.....have managed to do alittle laundry while i'm recovering....

i've sorta been bingeing lately with sweets.....i gotta stop that....i'm gaining weight and that terrifies me....i'm feeling really huge at the moment......probably has something to do with the three huge cookies with icing that i ate today! i've got to regain some composure with that.....i mean i realize that last year i was way too skinny....i was emaciated and unhappy emotionally (mostly due to sam and that whole situation).....i'm in a much better spot mentally and emotionally now......mostly thanks to my relationship with eric......which also explains some of the happy relationship pounds i've put on......i'd much rather have a few extra pounds than not have him......he's been so supportive and wonderful.....not gonna go all gushy....but i am so very thankful to have him when i'm so frustrated in other areas of my current life!

and on a slightly random note...i've been watching hoarders all day while laying on the couch and i gotta say that was a bad decision! i'm totally freaked out and looking around at my mess worried that i'm a hoarder....i have the urge to frantically clean everything......i'm hoping that my reaction to the show means that i'm not a hoarder but just highly sensitive to suggestion.......


i'm so ready for a change.....i need a new job....or atleast a raise...i've been promised a raise since march but they keep telling me that business is slow, blah blah blah......i'm just so done dealing with all the stupid drunk people and the ridiculous drama that just doesn't stop.....i love my coworkers but i'm tired of working at cats for zero money....unfortunately due to my schedule with school i need a job as flexible as cats in which i get as many hours as i do now with maximum school time...which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find....i'm so frustrated.....i NEED to make a move but i'm stuck!! i'm so absolutely frustrated.......

visit home....

well i'm planning a visit to birmingham next month.....bringing eric along to meet the folks for the first time.....it's so cute how my mom is trying to plan for both of us....she wants to make sure i get all the things i love to do done while at home but she's also planning for eric....asking what kinda of food he likes to eat?!? what he likes to drink?!? what activities he'd like to do!?!? how we can entertain him!?! it's so sweet.....they (well momma...maybe not daddy) are very excited about meeting eric.....unlike sam! lol.....

i'm super excited about going home....i always am but this time is introducing eric which makes it even more exciting!!! hopefully (STACIE)...i will get to introduce him to my few friends left at home!! maybe a lunch or something......

anywho.....visit home august 13-16th!!! woohooo......


i'm sooooooo worried about my knee...i started having a random sharp pain in my knee a week ago....i basically ignored it because it was only sporadic that it hurt and kept on working and such.....well i guess i over did things on friday because by saturday morning it really hurt to walk, sit, drive, do anything! i've been resting it, and putting ice on it every hour or so.....and it was feeling better this morning....i tried to go in to work today and it started hurting (mildly) so i left because i didn't want to aggravate it any more......it's not sending the random shooting pains like it was yesterday.....now it just feels really stiff when i go downstairs (i had to get my cable bill from the mail)....i don't think i've torn anything.....there's no visible swelling and it seems to be getting better with rest (i think).....i don't know....i'm so worried about it.....i don't have the time or the money to get a doctor to fix it......and eric is coming home next week......ugh....please god let this just be some minor little thing that will heal if i just stay off it for the next couple of days!


so i have less than two weeks til Eric comes home....i'm soooooo excited! I can't believe that I haven't seen him since May 22!! It seems like so long ago.....so much as happened, but at the same time everything is exactly the same as he left it.....

anywho....i've got my calendar nice and full for the next week or so....i can pretty much say this week is almost over....I have tomorrow off from work, but need to run errands.....Friday--I work Happy Hour, Saturday--off, Sunday--work another Happy Hour......then rinse and repeat for next week!!! until next saturday when Lauren Harper is coming down for her birthday...